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A few nights ago my husband Gary & I were invited along to the House of Dior exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria by our friends at Strateas Carlucci. The exhibition celebrated seventy years of Haute Couture (1947 - 2017), in absolute elegance. 

In Parisian styled rooms, under the light of glowing crystal chandeliers stood 140 works; extravagant creations by Christian Dior himself and the seven designers that followed Dior after his passing - Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons and Maria Grazia Chiuri -  the best of the best, who all stepped in to one of the most important roles in the fashion world in continuing to shape and re-invent the iconic Dior silhouette and bringing it to where it stands in magnificence today. 

What was unique about this exhibition was being able to talk to the ateliers from Paris who were demonstrating the techniques they use in their work. From the beginnings of a garment to it's completion, the attention to detail employed by these incredible seamstresses is more than impressive. Patience, skill and dedication to the art form are evident in every stitch and buttonhole.

Any form of art on display is always inspiring. I have an immense appreciation of the hundreds of hours involved in creating each piece and also the importance of collaboration in the making of a masterpiece. I drew parallels from this with the creation of music - from working with songwriters, fellow musicians, producers, mixers and masterers to create a record. All of these creatives, incredible in their own right, come together in the light of one name, in this case, the iconic name of Dior.


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