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A Midsummer Night's Dream White Party @KuDeTa, Bali

I just returned from a sunny week in Bali, where I was singing at Ku De Ta's annual white party.

As in all the places in Asia that I have visited so far, the streets were steamy, the variety and colours of fruit and the smell of food had my stomach rumbling at all hours, then there is also that familiar gaseous sewer scent that gets up in your nose all of a sudden when you're dreamily adventuring down the street too. Brings you back to earth. I mostly enjoyed walking for hours on end around Seminyak, Legian and Canggu discovering little cafes and eating smoothie bowls along the way. I could easily be a vegan if I lived over there...but before I would become a vegan I would go to Plantation Grill. When you arrive at Plantation you are taken up a lift and walked into a place where you are (pretty much) teleported to New York in the 1920's. I had a date night with Gary, we felt pretty special. Waiters are dressed in white and push around carts housing creme brule, pannacotta and other delicious things, (trust me to immediately have my eye on the desserts...the zucchini flowers are great too), there are the most breathtakingly tall windows that look out onto the beach, smokey incense filled air, marble tables and leather booths and a Gatsby-esque powder room.  #ThingsToDoBeforeBecomingAVegan #dessert #eyesontheprize

The people in Bali are the sweetest.  As for the driving, lets just say it is consistent. I'm always in my own little utopia, so I really had to be on guard when crossing the road over there. Cars and scooters were seriously coming at me from 8 different angles. The stress of the traffic wasn't at all an issue though, nothing could ever bother me over there; not when you are being treated to 2 hour massages and milk baths and facials every day. I was pretty content.

The reason for my trip to Bali was to sing at Ku De Ta's annual white party for their Midsummer Night's Dream event. On arrival, I felt like I was walking into a fairytale. There were starry lights hanging from a tree at the entrance, moss covered ground glittering with holographic sequins and a projection of ballet dancers, (check my Boomerang on Insta). For my performance I was surrounded by incredible dancers from different parts of the world, (if you need something to inspire you to hit the gym, it would be being around them for a minute #theultimatefitspo). After my performance I sent a photo to my sister Seda - she thought I was dressed in drag, I reminded her that I was meant to be Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream, (it may have had something to do with my heavily painted on glitter eyebrows, headpiece and glittering floor length cloak). #kudeta #whiteparty #midsummernightsdream

There is something about the place that is magnetic and I can feel it drawing me back. 

NP xx