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And my love for Aesop grows fonder...

Anyone who has travelled in my car, beside me on a plane or come over to my place would probably say that I am like a walking #Aesop campaign. You'd think I was endorsed. It's in my bathroom, kitchen, car door, handbag. I don't often swear, but I can't get enough of this 💩. 

Recently, I experienced my first Aesop facial - quite upscale from my regular cleansing routine at my bathroom basin, where I practice religiously; a twice daily cleanse, tone, moisturise and every few days doing the most basic circular motions of exfoliation to the count of thirty, hoping for even a glimpse of radiance! And I'm sure I'm not the only one on this, but that familar clay mask left on for twenty minutes more than necessary during an episode of whatever Netflix series you're binge watching. Far from what an end of day relaxing cleansing ritual should be, especially when you're watching a series like Ray Donovan. That, is definitely not taking you to a parallel universe.

My very kind husband Gary, who has sat many a day in Aesop whilst I try every face and body cream possible in store and knows of my fondness, (maybe I should just say obsession), with Aesop, decided to gift me with an Aesop Facial for my birthday. Happy wife! So I booked in to redeem my 75 minutes of escapism from my 'tough life'?! (n.b. In honesty I wasn't really escaping much because life is pretty great, but lets just pretend I was escaping because it sounds more adventurous or like I've earned it). 

My nose is so inquisitive so breathing in all the herby and floral Aesop aromas I just couldn't find myself relaxing. I wanted to keep asking questions like, "ooh what's this that you are lathering on my face?", but I stopped myself and decided to breathe it all in and just enjoy it instead.

Note to self: Focus on #currentmood.

My facialist moved in fluid symmetry, (and might I add Thank God it was all feeling symmetrical, I hate when things aren't... It makes me feel uneasy), deep cleansing in super-pro circular motions over my entire face, followed by an exfoliation - literally wearing off every useless dead skin cell...guaranteeing a glowing complexion. A few minutes later, a very generous layer of a cooling gel mask was literally painted on, making me forget about the harshness of the exfoliation that preceded. My favourite part whilst the mask soaked into the deeper layers of my skin was the head, neck and shoulder massage. So relaxing. I couldn't think of a worry in the world. Well actually just the fact that at any minute soon the 75 minutes were coming to an end. The treasured final minutes of the facial involved an application of eye cream, lip balm, face serums, Fabulous Face oils and creams being patted and pressed into my face. I felt like a million dollars.

I floated off on cloud nine until I got to my car. Parking fine. And just like that, back to reality. Until my next...

NP xx



Oh the pressure of the first post!

Well firstly, I’d like to say ‘Welcome' to my blog that I am calling my 'New Renaissance Life’

The world is dependent on the beauty that we create in whatever art form that may be. It is dependent on what fills our air, our minds and our eyes; both negative and positive. My hope is that we dwell on all that is true and which draws us closer to a fuller, purer life.

I would like to share with you my #newrenaissancelife; the ordinary life (and lives) that we live, that if we stop to think about it, is extraordinary. I want to be able to share the things that I am grateful for - the wonderful everyday things that light up my life; whether it be through family & friends, music, fashion, beauty, art, lifestyle or food, (sorry in advance if I post too much about food…I do love eating). I want to share with you the moments that we all enjoy, the simple things that brighten up a sometimes cloudy day, to write about all the things that renew me, the things that I hope can inspire and renew you too! 

I look forward to hearing from you about your experiences and I invite you to hashtag #newrenaissancelife for the things that inspire, that uplift and keep us looking upward!

NP xx